TechJollof Introduces Entrepreneurs showcase in Africa

Entrepreneur showcase TechJollof

We recognize the impact Entrepreneur, Small and medium scale business owners are having on the Nigeria Economy, and Africa at large, this impact is huge even if you think it may be little, little drops of water they say make an ocean, So at TechJollof We see every impact made by any business owner as huge. As we believe that despite the Odds stacked against persons doing entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Africa at large(infrastructure deficit, maligned Policies, Institutional corruption etc ), they were still able sustain a business and employ people.

It is because of this we would like to feature Entrepreneur and small and medium scale Business in our Wildly read Blog by sharing their story of their Entrepreneurial Journey. This will

  1. Serve as inspiration to upcoming Entrepreneurs
  2. Help increase the visibility of Entrepreneurs  and their business to potential customers, investors, and partners

So what do you need to do?
Simply send us via email (bizshowcase[at] your Entrepreneur Story, Your Business’s name and Business contact information Phone and email (so potential clients can contact you it will be put at the bottom of the published article ) Your Company Logo or a high quality picture of you or your team. alternatively if you are too busy to put together your story, we can interview you remotely, simply let us know which works for you. contact us via email for inquires, This service is Free, no strings attached 

Note: there is no restriction as to what industry your company belongs to before you can participate in this program, as long as you provide value to the community and employ at least 1 person.

About TechJollof
style2-1TechJollof is a Tech, Business, and Lifestyle Blog based in Nigeria with Several Thousand visits Monthly. Our Aim at TechJollof is to provide information that inform and touch lives of Africans and the world at large.

We hope to hear from you soon.

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