Search almost concluded at Oakland warehouse in fire that killed 36


By Curtis Skinner
| OAKLAND, Calif.

OAKLAND, Calif. Authorities expect to conclude their search on Wednesday of an Oakland warehouse gutted by a fast-moving fire that killed 36 people during a dance party, an official said.

Firefighters are still combing through the building but do not expect to find any more victims, Alameda County Sheriff’s Office spokesman J.D. Nelson said in a telephone interview.

Oakland police had earlier said on Twitter that at least 85 percent of the building has been searched.

Officials have proclaimed a local state of emergency, potentially allowing for state and federal funds to help cover the costs of the response to the inferno that broke out on Friday at the site, Oakland Fire Chief Teresa Deloach Reed said on Tuesday.

The cause of the blaze has yet to be determined, but investigators are focusing on a particular appliance at the building.

“(A) refrigerator is something that they’re looking at as…

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