Black Dahlia


Imagery of Elizabeth shortImage copyright
Los Angeles Public Library

As the 70th anniversary of the Black Dahlia murder approaches the public fascination with Elizabeth Short and her grisly unsolved death hasn’t dimmed. James Bartlett takes a look at how Los Angeles remembers the famous murder.

This article contains graphic descriptions.

Few people noticed the dark-haired woman when she was dropped off at the swanky Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, but when her torso was found nearly a week later, Elizabeth Short became a household name.

On the morning of 15 January 1947, Betty Bersinger was walking with her young daughter along a barely developed street in the planned neighbourhood of Leimert Park when she saw what she thought was two halves of a tailor’s mannequin.

It wasn’t.

Short had been cut in two, neatly at the waist, and drained of blood. She had been mutilated, her intestines…

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