5 Reasons Why You Should Live in Madrid


Madrid is a beautiful city and big enough that it has something for everyone, a hub of business and culture while keeping its romantic edge. Looking for property in Madrid is now easier than ever with online tools. Living in Madrid offers something for everyone with its quiet residential areas or bustling old fashioned apartments but why should you drop everything and start looking comfortable apartments in Madrid now?

  1. Central European Location – If you are from North American Madrid offers a very central base to explore the rest of the European continent. With low cost flights to almost everywhere, Madrid offers some excellent opportunities for vacations.
  2. The Food – Food in Madrid is something else offering some of the top restaurants in Spain. Madrid plays host to huge amounts of amazing cafes and restaurants. Due to the cities global nature there are a huge amount of different national cuisines to try too.
  3. The weather – Madrid is one of the sunniest places on earth, no matter the temperature the sun always is shining in Madrid with over 300 days of sun a year. Rain is very rare in Madrid which is a huge draw for many people and the sun is always guaranteed in the summer with very hot summers.
  4. The business opportunities – Madrid is a global business hub and boasts some of the fastest internet speeds in Europe. If you are a freelancer or working within a company moving to Madrid can be a huge boost to your career and can bring you a huge amount of unseen opportunities. There is a strong networking scene within Madrid and many people are to get huge business deals by simply moving.
  5. Shopping – Tourists come from all over Europe to shop in Madrid. As the third largest city in Europe, Madrid offers excellent designer shopping on Calle Serrano. If you are looking for things a little cheaper Madrid has excellent indoor malls and is home to the famous Rastro Flea Market where you can find pretty much anything. Madrid is particularly famous for its shoe shopping.

Madrid is a great European capital to move to and more and more people are choosing to base themselves in Madrid because of the huge benefits living there brings. Depending on where you are moving from moving to Madrid can hugely increase your quality of life, as your spending power will be so much higher, this is especially true if you are from Northern Europe or North America.


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