Foods You Should Avoid Refrigerating


The invention of the refrigerator changed how most people regarded fresh food. However, not all foods should be refrigerated as this can adversely affect the flavour, nutritional quality of foods and even speed up the spoiling process. here is a list of some foods you should avoid refrigerating.

  • Bread

While freezing bread is okay, leaving it in the fridge can cause it to get dry. Instead keep the amount you plan to consume immediately at room temperature and freeze the rest.

  • Potatoes

Putting potatoes in the refrigerator can affect their flavour, It is best to store them in paper bags. Do not use plastic bags as these promote accumulation of moisture which can speed up the process of decay.


  • Fruits

Keep fruits like apples, berries, peaches apricots, bananas etc out of the fridge. Refrigerating them can cause them to lose their texture and flavours. You could however refrigerate them for about 30 minutes before eating for a crisp bite. Store most fruits at room temperature but avoid putting the too close to each other to prevent molding.

  • Onions

Onions are best stored in a paper bag in cool dark spots. Moisture in the fridge can cause onions to get soft and moldy. Also avoid storing them near potatoes as potatoes release moisture and gases that cause onions to rot.

  • Tomatoes

Tomatoes start to lose flavour and become mushy and soft when you store them in a fridge. If you are trying to ripen the tomatoes faster, store them out of a fridge in a paper bag. Once they are ripe, they’ll remain fresh for about 3 days.

  • Oils

Most oils can be safely stored at room temperature. If it has a low saturated fat content, it will benefit more from being left cool so store it in a dark cabinet. Only refrigerate nut based oils.