Sprint launches new leasing options for cost-conscious consumers


NEW YORK (Reuters) – Sprint Corp said on Friday that it was launching new leasing options aimed at price-sensitive customers who want to upgrade their phones more often, the carrier’s latest effort to lure subscribers in an oversaturated market for wireless service.  

The No. 4 U.S. wireless carrier will now allow customers to lease any phone and have the option to upgrade it after a year. Previously, the option was only available for Apple Inc iPhones and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd’s Galaxy devices. At 18 months, customers can either return their old phones and upgrade to new ones or purchase their devices. Those who want to buy their phones can pay the remaining amount in a lump sum or in six monthly increments.

“We want to give full flexibility to our customers because you don’t want to get stuck with an old phone,” Robert Hackl, Sprint’s senior vice president of leasing, said in an interview.

The changes come at a time when the U.S. wireless market is becoming…

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