A brief nuclear history


One often wonders why the so-called western powers (USA, FRA, RUS, UK) are allowed to have nuclear capabilities while countries like Iran are under threat of economic sanctions should they venture into the nuclear business.

The countries possessing nuclear weapons and their estimated stockpile:

  1. Russia(4400)
  2. USA(4800)
  3. France(300)
  4. Great Britain(225)
  5. China(250)
  6. India(110)
  7. Pakistan(120)
  8. Israel(80)
  9. North Korea(10)

The big four (Rus,US,UK,Fr)
Out of all these countries, the first four where established powers and had the knowhow of developing nuclear warheads. At the height of cold war USA and USSR where engaged in a nuclear arms race, each country possessing some 70000 warheads. If a war had broken out, they would have destroyed the entire earth many times over, ” and children, that’s how the humans burnt themselves to extinction and completely razed their planet…. A teacher teaching a lesson about humans and earth, at an alien planet”

That’s how dangerous nuclear arms race is.

Chinese successfully tested their nuclear weapons in ’67, prompting a response from India. Indians accelerated their weapons programme and tested their nuclear weapons in ’74. Now this forced the Pakistanis to start their nuclear program, Pakistani PM: ” we’ll eat grass, even go hungry, but we’ll get one of our own(Atom bomb)”. They successfully conducted their tests in ’98.  If China had not started its nuclear program, India wouldn’t have, and if India didn’t had its nuclear program, Pakistan wouldn’t have started its.

In the 6 days war against Israel, the whole of Arab league declared war on it. Israel won, but mainly due to technological superiority, that won’t be helping Israel now, hence they deemed it necessary to possess nuclear weapons to deter any future misadventures like that. They are sorrounded by a hostile neighborhood, so might be justified in a way.

North Korea
North Koreans developed nuclear weapons just to use them as a chip for bargain of foreign aid and goods. (Or may be they really want to annihilate US and South Korea).

So why wouldn’t Iran be allowed to develop nuclear weapons?

Like the case of India-Pak-China, Iran is also surrounded by rivals (Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey) and if it develops nuclear weapons then so will its rivals and the result would be the nuclear armament of the most volatile region of the world.

Moreover Iran sits right at the head of the Persian gulf through which 40% of the worlds oil passes. If Iran places a blockade on the gulf and threatens the use of nuclear weapons against anyone who tries to intervene, then half of the world will come to a standby and economies of many countries will be worsely affected.

So now you know why the world powers put so much effort to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Apart from the above mentioned countries no other countries posses nuclear weapons, so the fact that European countries being allowed to build their nuclear weapons, is false.

NATO member countries ( Germany, Italy,Spain, etc) can ask allied nations to share their nuclear weapons in case of war, but only the US,England and France can possess them.