Honduran army enforces curfew after vote count stalls


TEGUCIGALPA (Reuters) – Honduran security forces fanned out on Saturday to enforce a curfew as sporadic demonstrations continued over a contested presidential election that triggered violent protests that have killed at least three people.

A woman is pictured next to soldiers at the main square in downtown Tegucigalpa minutes before the start time of a curfew enforced by Honduras government while the country is still mired in chaos over a contested presidential election, Honduras December 2, 2017. REUTERS/Henry Romero

Hundreds have been arrested after the tally from last Sunday’s presidential race stalled without a clear winner. Opposition leaders accused the government of trying to steal the election

TV star Salvador Nasralla on Saturday accused his rival, President Juan Orlando Hernandez, of carrying out a “coup” by manipulating the vote count and declaring the curfew to stifle protests.

International concern has grown about the electoral crisis in the poor Central…

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