How Can I Shelter My Home from a Natural Disaster in Florida?


Hurricane Irma has swept through Florida, leaving a trail of debris, floods, and deaths. Natural disasters in Florida, particularly hurricanes have demonstrated the full force that they can play throughout the decades. Just think back to the year 1992 when hurricane Andrew came. Since then, aside from hurricane Irma, Florida had never seen such immense property damage, amounting to the billions. Because we are a prone state for hurricanes, considering in sheltering your home, especially now during hurricane season is an advice that our Miami public adjusters are always emphasizing. To reduce the extent of damages and limit the amount of damages that can come to a property, business owners and home owners can do many tasks. Our firm wants to see you suffer the least amount as possible, which is why if you are faced with these damages, don’t wait to call us.

Tips to Guard Your Business or Home from a Miami Public Adjuster

1.Clip your roof down: Having clips or straps on your roof before a hurricane will secure it in place. There can be a collapse of a roof, but by securing it, you reduce damage to it, and may avoid the roof collapsing. You can go to Florida’s Division of Emergency Mangement to find out how to secure your roof.

  1. Cover your windows: Ideally, covering your windows will reduce the damage done, right? A surprising statistic is that 50% of homeowners do not cover their windows prior to a hurricane or major storm. You have many options when it comes to window covers like shutters, custom-cut, and more.
  2. Protect your yard: Gravel can be lifted and trees and be uprooted in your yard. For this reason, you need to make sure to have any small trees tied down, trim trees that might seem like they will fall, use mulch to replace the gravel in your yard, and contact a professional to determine any trees that might pose a great threat to your home.
  3. Florida’s tax-free weekend: Something that may attractive many individual’s is the tax-free weekend in Florida that allows you to buy these following essential items:
  • Radios
  • Batteries
  • Fuel container; and
  • More

These are just some of the many ways that you could provide extra shelter for your home that our Miami Firm of Public adjusters advise for you.

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