How to Dress for the Changing of the Seasons


As summer melts to fall in the upcoming months, the days that come during this time of transition present fashion dilemmas. How does one dress for a freezing cold morning that turns into a warm afternoon? Below are some tips and tricks that will ensure you look great for the changing of the seasons.


One of the easiest ways to handle the changing of the seasons and the wildly fluctuating temperatures of the day is to wear layers. Though you may associate layers with the cooler seasons and months, the truth is that layers are universal no matter what time of year it is. They do not have to add bulk to your outfit, such as if you wear a white tee shirt with jeans and then tie a flannel around your waist for later.

This can also work if you need to dress up, such as when you wear a dress with a cropped jacket or a thin cardigan that doesn’t add much weight. No matter what the occasion is, whether you need to dress up or dress down, layers are universal and practical enough to be perfect for the changing of the seasons.

Universal Accessories

While you might associate sunglasses with summertime and scarves with the fall, never be afraid to accessorize with pieces that are not bound to a single season. Regular glasses can make any look preppy without limiting the outfit to one time of year or the other. Other accessories that aren’t bound to any type of year is any type of jewelry. Wristwatches and diamond studs have no associations with the seasons and can elevate any outfit and turn it from typical to beautiful.

For those with Seasonal Affective Disorder especially, this use of accessories that can make you feel good can help alleviate some of the stresses that the changing of the seasons can bring about.

Neutral Colors

Summer and autumn especially, have colors that are seasonally bold. Orange, mustard yellow, maroon, and purple are all colors that scream fall. There are a number of colors that you can wear that won’t make your outfit out to fall into one season over the other. Monochromatic neutrals and black and white outfits are perfect color palettes that you can wear all year round for all changes of the season. It is also convenient that these colors will help you look professional in any situation, so you can look perfect for the changing of the seasons at work just as easily as you can at home. This can help you be your most successful, no matter what time of year it is.

Encapsulate Your Wardrobe

This is a new concept on the fashion scene and might require you to alter your closet a little bit, but consider utilizing the benefits of a capsule wardrobe in order to make the most out of the changing weather. Capsule wardrobes typically don’t consist of a lot of different individual pieces, but instead there is a number of staple pieces, like a black skirt or your favorite pair of jeans, and then the rest is changed seasonally depending on the trends. However, at this time of year when everything is changing, it’s a good time to just wear staple outfits like tee shirts and jeans or tee shirt dresses and white Keds.

Dressing for the changing of the seasons, though sometimes a challenge, doesn’t always have to be so hard. Wear what works for you and be confident in it, no matter if it matches these guidelines or not. These are here to help you, not to confine you.

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