Ukrainians pranked at fake election rally


Fake election rally in Kiev, February 2019

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1+1 TV/Utkin TV/YouTube

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Those who turned up in Kiev were unaware they were being broadcast on the internet

A Ukrainian prankster thought it would be a laugh to see how many people would turn up for a fake election rally on the promise of cash, and was surprised by the scale of the response.

Oleksiy Utkin used social media to offer 1,000 hryvnyas (£28; $37) of “easy money” to anyone willing to turn out in freezing conditions for three hours in support of Serhiy Filatov’s bid to become president of Ukraine.

They would get a bit more if they brought a friend, 1+1 TV reports.

But the catch was that there was no candidate Filatov.

More than 200 people…

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