5 Business Ideas You Don’t Need to Quit Your Job For


In this article, you’ll find photo printing, sports gear rent, making clothes and other profitable business ideas you can successfully combine with your main job.

Scientists from Wisconsin University in Madison made an impressive
conclusion: successful entrepreneurs do not quit their job but build their
companies while simultaneously working in their professional field.

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So, research based on more than 5 thousand American entrepreneurs during 12
years had been conducted, and the result showed: those who continued working
while beginning to develop their startup business ideas, bankrupted by up to
33% rarer.

This fact has a quite simple explanation: such entrepreneurs had 4 hours per
day on average to manage their business. They delegated tasks more frequently,
made decisions faster and trusted their workers more.

Just in case you didn’t know: Steve Wozniak, Sergei Brin, and Bill Gates began fostering their side
business ideas while keeping their work. Wozniak worked at Hewlett Packard till
Apple started making good money, and Gates and Brin worked in universities
before their IT-companies began bringing profits.

Now, here are five best small business ideas for you to develop while
keeping your regular job or continuing to study.

Coffee Bar

Just open a coffee bar in the business center you work in, or in a building
nearby. To begin, you need to find a room and stuff, to buy equipment and raw

During the first month, it will be enough to supply 15 kg of coffee. Buy
milk, sugar, and jams on demand in near stores. Additionally, you’ll need
nearly 300 expendable coffee cups. Cups with a top cover cost more than those
without it.

Sports Gear Rent

A fashion trend of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle will help you
in opening your first business. Organize a point of sports gear rent near the
city park. Offer roller boots and bicycles in summer and skis in winter.

At first, it will be enough to have ten bicycles, 2-3 pairs of roller boots
of each size and ten pairs of skis for people of different height. Later,
orient on demand and buy more gear as people want it.

Clothes Production

If you wish to start your brand, then check one of the most excellent home
business ideas: project your clothes during free evenings.

To do that, you’ll need a professional sewing machine and an overlock machine.
To create clothes schemes, use special software like Adobe Illustrator or

Additionally, you should find a raw supplier. The price of cloth can be
different depending on your demands about the kind and the quality of
materials. To develop this business idea, you also need to find a suitable room
to place your atelier and to account staff salaries.

A more straightforward home business idea: go in for projecting clothes
only, and delegate making it to an outsource atelier. Then, it is enough to buy
appropriate software. 

Dog Sweater Production

Sweaters with various pictures on them created a new trend among dog owners.
It is enough to know the sizes of the popular pet and then to knit some warm
clothes for it.

One can find knitting guides on the Internet, so you won’t need much to use
this original business idea — all that is necessary: several kinds of knitting
needles and additional materials. By the way, it is also possible to hire
workers for knitting and be responsible only for marketing and communication
with clients.

T-Shirt & Cup Prints

Search engine statistics show that the number of requests about prints on
T-shirts or cups becomes bigger and bigger. This means you can enter the market
in time.

To print a picture or a text on the surface, you’ll need to buy thermal
press equipment. It will be enough to have two heads first: a flat one is for
cloth, and a round one is for cups. There are presses for T-shirts, cups,
plates and baseball hats, but the universal one is always better.

Additionally, you’ll need cups and t-shirts themselves and a room to use
this business idea. Of course, take into account workers’ salaries and an
advertising budget.

To Conclude

As you can see, there are many profitable business ideas not requiring huge
investments and much time to start developing them. People can use all the tips
given in this list of ideas without the need for them to quit regular jobs.
Just choose the way according to your tastes and possibilities. Have good luck,
and may your business ideas be successful!

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for bringing your ideas to life!

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