'How I made fathers in Senegal carry babies on their backs'


Birama, a civil engineer, and Ndeye Fatou in the Residence de la Paix neighbourhood in Dakar, Senegal

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Marta Moreiras

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Birama, a civil engineer, and his baby Ndeye

Marta Moreiras and the subjects of her portraits – fathers carrying babies on their backs – were surprised by the attention they attracted as she took their photographs on the streets of Senegal’s capital Dakar.

“People were clapping – sometimes it was a bit hard to take the picture because we were having such a large audience,” the Spanish photographer told the BBC.

“All the women were like: ‘Hey, give me five, I’m going to call my husband – we don’t see this every day.”

And that is exactly why Moreiras started her project, which has been shortlisted for the portraiture category of this…

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