Turkey to get Russian S-400 missile system 'in July' amid row over US jets


Russian S-400s in Ukraine's Crimea peninsula. Photo: November 2018

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The S-400 is one of the most sophisticated surface-to-air missile systems

Turkey’s President Erdogan says he hopes a Russian missile system that Washington sees as a threat to US jets will be delivered in July.

The US had said Turkey could not have both the S-400 anti-aircraft defence system and US F-35 fighter jets.

But Mr Erdogan said Turkey would hold to account anyone who excluded Turkey from the F-35 programme.

Nato member Turkey has signed up to buying 100 F-35s and has invested heavily in the F-35 programme.

Turkish companies produce 937 of the plane’s parts.

Mr Erdogan said he hoped to resolve the situation with the US through phone…

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