5 Point Office Security Checklist


Your office is your money maker. All of the operations that make your business a profitable place to work come from those buildings, so you should make sure they are secure, right? Of course!

So, what do you need to keep your building secure? For those who don’t know, we put together a 5-point office security checklist to get them started off on the right path.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are a must-have for securing your office space. The give your eyes around the building from daytime to night time, so you know what’s going on where at all times. Having this type of vision at all times can help your security teams prepare for situations before they occur on the premises.

Giving your security force the ability to have eyes on the entire building can help your security team in so many different ways. It gives them the ability to respond to situations in and around the building faster since the cameras are telling them exactly where the situation is unfolding. Instead of getting a call about a situation and having to find it, the camera feeds are in a set location, so the security team can have eyes on it before the calls come in. On top of that, having a security camera system can help supplement the manpower cost of a night time security team. Yes, you will want someone on location if you can, but if it’s not in the budget, security cameras are the next best thing. These days, there are even motion detection camera systems that can catch intruders in the act. This sets off an alarm that alerts the authorities, so that first responders know if a situation is happing at your office building.

Security Guard

We brushed on it a little bit in the section before, but one of the best ways to help your office building’s security is having a security guard on staff. Security guards have to go through special bits of training to make sure they are ready to handle situations that arise in the workplace. Since many security guards come from law enforcement, you know they are the real deal when it comes to handling emergencies.

If your office has a lot of foot traffic, you will want to hire a security guard or full staff to make sure the people in your building are under control. A guard outside, one at the front entrance, and another walking the premises is a great way to keep the peace in your office space.

Alarm System

If criminals decide to attack your business, there isn’t much that is going to stop them, especially if you don’t have a night guard to watch your building. If you can’t afford that night guard, you will want to put in an alarm system to “replace” the need for a nightguard. As soon as the criminals try to breach the doors or windows of your business, an alarm will sound. This will alert 3 major demographics. The first to be alerted is the criminals because the loud alarms will let them know they have already made a mistake. The second to be alerted is anyone in the area because people want to look at sounds, they deem out of the ordinary, like alarms. The third will be law enforcement as most security systems these days have a direct line to emergency first responders. An alarm system can really make a difference when it comes to criminal activity. Make sure you post your security company’s sign out front, too. This will make it even less likely your building will become a target for crime.

Door Locks

This is more or less a given, but you would be shocked to know that people don’t think about the quality of their door locks. It’s one thing to lock the door when you go, but is it enough? For many places of business, a simple door lock will work wonders for your building. For more populated and crime heavy areas, you might want to look into additional locks to make sure your building isn’t broken into.

Many convenience stores and retail shops opt into a heavy-duty door lock that slides down over the door. These lock systems are typically bolted to the building above the front doors, and they slide down to prevent access to the door at night. Think of these locks like garage doors for your front door. You lock the front door, pull down the garage door style lock, and lock it into the ground. It’s going to take a lot of force or a plasma cutter to get through something like that.

Window Break Sensors

In today’s day and age, window break sensors are your extra level of security when it comes to preventing break-ins. Since you have all of those crazy door locks on your building, the next place criminals will look to break in will be the windows. Since windows are just glass, they are relatively easy to break. Since they can simply be smashed with a bar or a brick, you are going to need another layer of security on top of that. Window sensors are the extra level of security you are looking for. These little sensors go on the window sills and link directly to your security system. If someone tries to break the window, the sensors will catch it and relay the message to the security system. That sets off the alarms and alerts the authorities as well. Pretty cool when you think about it.

Keep Your Building Secure

It’s up to you to keep your building secure. Your business really depends on it. Since your day to day operations take place in that building, you should be doing everything you can to protect it. From on-staff security to security cameras, there are so many different methods of securing your building. It really comes down to three major factors: foot traffic, crime rates, and money. What you need to stay secure will come down to the mixture of these three factors.

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